April 2021

Investing, Merus News

Erin Lockhart

Merus Capital welcomes two additional partners

Over the last year, Merus has been hard at work on a number of new initiatives. In addition to a new brand identity and the development of new scaling programs for our portfolio companies (more on this soon), we continue to grow and strengthen our team. We’ve added individuals with a diverse set of skills, perspectives and experiences. But the common bond is that each new team member is someone who has a long history of success, has demonstrated unwavering integrity, and has earned our trust and respect.

Late last year, we added two senior members to the team -- Brad Stein, who joined us as CFO and Head of Portfolio Operations, and Erin Lockhart, who joined as Head of Marketing and Investor Relations. And today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve added two additional Partners.

Firstly, David Rangel has joined as General Partner. As with other recent additions to our team, David’s relationship with Merus goes back more than a decade, starting at the Corporate Strategy Group at Microsoft. Prior to Merus, David was a Director at Google Research where he led teams incubating new AI-enabled products. In addition to his deep tech expertise, David brings to Merus a diversity of experience as both a company builder and seasoned operator. David has founded two VC-backed startups and he was previously COO at two Merus portfolio companies -- Corona Labs and Iterable, helping to grow the latter from 6 employees to over 160.

Further strengthening our ranks, Denmark West has joined as Strategic Investment Partner. Denmark also has a long history with Merus. He worked in Corporate Development at Microsoft with other Merus partners, and led strategic initiatives around cloud and open source software at the company. He was also an EVP at Viacom Media Networks and Head of Digital Media at BET. Most recently Denmark founded Connectivity Ventures, a top-quartile performing fund, where he led their investment in unicorn Socure. Additionally, Denmark is an advisor to a number of high-profile organizations including the USO and the NBA Players Association.

We’re thrilled to welcome David and Denmark to the team, and are incredibly optimistic about what’s to come for Merus in the remainder of 2021 and beyond.