MCˣ is a comprehensive set of resources designed to help Merus portfolio companies scale in the critical early stages of a startup’s lifecycle—from seed to Series A and beyond.

Over the last decade, we’ve spent thousands of hours helping founding teams scale their businesses, and no one was more dedicated to this effort than our late partner and firm co-founder, Peter Hsing. As a tireless supporter of company founders who never hesitated to tackle an operating challenge, he was the ultimate founder mentor and MCˣ has been designed in his honor. Through MCˣ, Merus portfolio companies have exclusive access to continually updated insights, best practices and startup scaling tools. They also have direct access to a curated list of startup advisors which includes successful founders as well as executives from places like Google, Microsoft and Amazon, who can help companies navigate the tough situations that arise in early business building. MCˣ helps our founders build the operating muscle required to scale their businesses across disciplines including management, engineering, finance, sales, marketing and more. We know Pete would approve.